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Medx Low Level Laser

Brief overview of Medx Low Level Laser.
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Club Med hotel renovation with Cover Styl’® adhesive coverings
Watch our video to discover the Club Med Da Balaia renovation with our self-adhesive vinyl films! We give ourselves 2 minutes to convince you to fall for our adhesive coverings.

Want to discover the many possibilities and advantages of our self-adhesive vinyl films for your hotel renovation projects? Visit our website at

With its self-adhesive vinyl films with visual and tactile properties of natural materials, Cover Styl'® is the economical solution to give your hotel walls and furniture a new life. Wood, marble, metallic, leather, fabric and many other textures, our self-adhesive vinyl film will satisfy all your desires!

Cover Styl'® adhesive coverings are odorless, dust-free and safe to apply. The preparation time for installation is considerably reduced since you don't need to protect furniture, doors or walls before installation. Unlike paint, this product doesn't cause splashing. For this reason, Cover Styl'® is ideal when the room to be renovated cannot be "closed for renovation".

Aesthetic, economical, quick to install and durable, the renovation of your walls and furniture with our adhesive vinyl ranges has never been easier. With Cover Styl'® self-adhesive vinyl films, why replace when you can upgrade?

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Bill DeSimone on Joint-Friendly Fitness, the MedX Lumbar Extension, & his Favourite Workout Routines


Who is your favourite HIT Expert's favourite HIT Expert? Some might say Bill DeSimone is that very person, and they'd have a strong argument for it. Listen to Bill talk about biomechanics, specific exercises and machines, and why you might want to check out his new book, Joint-Friendly Fitness.

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Steve E : Thank you! I read Bill's prior book on congruent exercise and can't wait to read his new one.
Evan Hadkins : For rank beginners, like me, Bill's is the kind of book we need. I have it coming, I'm very much looking forward to reading it.
Always Audacity : I backed Bill's campaign on Kickstarter and he's done a great job delivering content. Got the book signed and love it.
Murray Knox : Always love listening to Bill. I recently purchased his latest book - great read, loaded with info especially for us old dudes.
High Intensity Business : Good choice!




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